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awaken your inner compass

Empowering you to master your mindset & discover your true self through yoga, meditation, and energy healing.

join me on a retreat!

because you deserve a vacation.


Soulfire Yoga Retreat

Discover your inner fire during a 3 day, 2 night retreat to the mountains of West Virginia, August 2024.

"Katie has the ability to connect with every person in the room and make them feel good about themselves."


"She is clear and concise with her instructions and feedback, always positive, and pays attention to your needs. Her classes are just what I needed in my life!"


"Katie's energy is calm, playful, sweet, and sincere. Taking her classes is always  positive and transformative."



Meet Katie


Hey there!


I'm Katie, your go-to girl for all things yoga, mindset, and self-discovery. As a yoga & meditation teacher, life coach, reiki practitioner, and proud mom of three, I'm on a mission to spread joy and empower others to embrace their inner light.

So, whether you're seeking to find peace on the mat, clarity in your mind, or purpose in your life, I've got your back. Let's embark on this journey together, where every breath is a reminder of your strength, and every step brings you closer to the vibrant, joyful life you deserve.

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